A recent video commercial for the traditional drink Raki (Yeni is the brand) stirred the emotions of the Turkish diaspora. Neither the theme of nostalgia for Istanbul nor the lyricism of the rituals surrounding the drink’s consumption, however, are new in the brand’s advertisement. The mnemonic adventure triggered by the drink depicts a voyage from a European country (possibly Germany) hosting expats, immigrants and the exiled, to the homeland. Due to the prohibition of alcohol advertisements in Turkey, the video can only be viewed outside the country. The commercial targets those no longer living in Turkey, tapping into a shared sphere of cultural associations and collective experiences.  While inspiring nostalgia in the diaspora population, for those living in Turkey the ad is a reminder that they too are experiencing a form of exile in their own country, which now prohibits the jouissance to which Yeni Raki had been a gateway. 

Link to the video ad of Yeni Raki