Ottoman Podcasts, Episode 363, hosted by Susanna Ferguson,
22 June 2018, Image: Close-up of perfumed smoke.  Photograph copyright Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations.

Music: Istanbul’dan Ayva Gelir Nar Gelir – Azize Tozem and Sari Recep

“What did Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar smell like in Ottoman times? In this episode, we explore the historical smellscape of this iconic market space from its early history up to the present day. Through a story about Ottoman smells and their transformations in the twentieth century, we touch on the trade routes of exotic spices, Ottoman marketing practices, and the greener, more fragrant Istanbul that still lives in the memories of twentieth-century shopowners who spent their lives in and around the Bazaar. Finally, we consider how telling history through smell could change the way we think about the past and struggle to preserve it.”