The Turkish Citizens’ Association (L’Assemblée Citoyenne des Originaires de Turquie – L’ACORT) in Paris was attached on 9 November 2020 and the message “Islam = Morte (death)” was sprayed on the walls of their building. This attack is one of the reflections of rising tension between the Turkish and French governments around the Islam religion.

“Although such an attack was not expected towards our Association, we have been worried for a year because hostility against to Muslims is on the rise” said the head of the Assembly, Ümit Metin. He thinks that “the recent barbarian attacks are turned into Muslim hostility and this is very dangerous. This situation may lead to increased violence in the society.”

After raising a political complaint to the related bodies in Paris about the incident, the Association is following up the legal procedures.

There were several articles in the French press denouncing the attack against an association that is well known for its fights for secularism, equality between women and men, against racism and for equal rights.

After the incident the Association published the Press Release below:


The walls of the building of The Turkish Citizens’ Association (L’ACORT) was sprayed with “ISLAM = DEATH”.

We strongly denounce this attack against our Association which is secular and democratic and has been fighting for 40 years against all forms of discrimination and racism and for equal rights for all!

In a climate where the extreme-right and the ultra-nationalists instrumentalise the horrible assassination of Professor Samuel Paty to stigmatize a certain part of the population, we call on the public authorities to be vigilant about hatred and racism against Muslims that were triggered by these parties and which are endangering civil peace in our society.

L’ACORT is more than ever committed to fight against the ideals of the far right and Islamic fundamentalists that basically share the same objectives: to fragment and divide us in order to jeopardize the fundamental values forming the basis of our society.

Neither such kind of sprayed messages nor the other forms of threats will cause L’ACORT to deviate from its values around secularism, freedom, respect for human rights, equal rights and in particular the equality of women and men.

Paris, 9 November 2020”