Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2020, ed by Gürkan Çelik and Ronald H. Linden

“The ongoing turbulence in Turkey’s domestic and international politics raises a number of crucial questions. What explains the movement toward one-party, and even one-person, rule? What role does Islam play in the ideology and policies of the ruling party and its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan? Is the country’s long commitment to secular rule a thing of the past—and if so, with what consequences for Turkish society? What is Turkey’s likely international role in the Middle East and beyond?”

“These are among the key issues addressed in this comprehensive analysis of the actors and factors driving recent developments in Turkish politics at home and abroad. “

Gürkan Çelik is director of Ronald H. Linden is professor emeritus of political science at the University of Pittsburgh.


  • Turkey at a Turbulent Time—R.H. Linden and G. Çelik.
  • Domestic Politics in the AKP Era—G. Çelik.
  • Gains and Strains in the Economy—G. Çelik and E. Aktas.
  • The Geopolitics of Energy—M. Demir.
  • Militarization of the Kurdish Issue—J. Jongerden.
  • The Diyanet and the Changing Politics of Religion—N. Landman.
  • The Fragmentation of Civil Society—G. Çelik and P. Dekker.
  • Women in the “New” Turkey—J. White.
  • Changes and Dangers in Turkey’s World—R.H. Linden.
  • Erdoğan’s Foreign Policy: The Role of Personality and Identity—H.J. Barkey.
  • The Crisis in US-Turkish Relations—A. Stein.
  • Turkey in the Middle East—B. Park.
  • Russian-Turkish Relations at a Volatile Time—J. Van Bladel.
  • Turkey and Europe: Alternative Scenarios—H.-L. Hauge, F. Tekin, and W. Wessels.
  • Eurocentrism in Migration Policy—J. Tolay.
  • Transition to What?—the Editors.
  • Chronology of Key Events in the History of Modern Turkey.