“Marc Pierini, former EU Ambassador and Head of Delegation to Turkey (2006-2011), inaugurates the first publication of ELIAMEP’s new Programme on Turkey.”

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“In the past few years and especially the past few weeks, Turkey’s relationship with the West, in particular with Europe, has become increasingly protracted. Turkey’s misguided economic policies and drastic political choices toward autocracy have induced a substantial disconnect of its economy from its Western anchor. Meanwhile, Turkey’s upcoming military build-up will substantially enhance its force projection capacity in its near-abroad. Lately, the relationship between Turkey and the European Union has taken a turn to the worse, due in particular to military threats related to the issue of maritime boundaries. More than the substance of this litigation, the narrative used by the Turkish leadership seems bound to prevent its quick resolution.”

Marc Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective. Pierini was a career EU diplomat from December 1976 to April 2012. He was EU Ambassador and Head of Delegation to Turkey (2006–2011); to Tunisia and Libya (2002–2006); to Syria (1998–2002); and to Morocco (1991–1995). He also served as the first coordinator for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, or the Barcelona Process, (1995-1998), and was the main negotiator for the release of the Bulgarian hostages from Libya (2004-2007).