During COVID-19 period, Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival comes to the homes of its audiences: #stayathome, “Flying Broom” comes to you!

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“This year 23rd Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival came up with the theme of “NATURE” to create a sound with women and women’s films and it reminds us certain things once again in a louder voice about the depredation of nature since it coincides with a pandemic. Human is a part of nature and being a human takes place only with and via nature. Based on this perspective, we continue to keep in our minds and hearts that the real festivity of humans will reflect the dance and song of nature with all living beings. Until we make our festival physically, we continue to tighten our steps to reach everyone with the solidarity of women, just like we have been doing for 22 years, and we are coming to your home in the 23rd year.

With our belief that the days during which we will be free in nature and the festivity of all living beings will surround the universe are to come; #stayathome, Flying Broom comes to you!

Our accounts and website address will provide you with the necessary information to follow the 23rd Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival soon which will be ONLINE! So please keep in touch and take care!”