Source: Evrensel newspaper, April 9, 2020

During these “stay at home” days, domestic violence increased in Turkey.

The number of violence against women increased harshly due to the epidemic that forced people to stay at home as well as the stress of the economic crisis and the workload inequality.

As reported by women’s rights organization We Will Stop Femicide Platform in its March 2020 report, 29 women were murdered during the reporting period. Women’s Associations Federation of Turkey (TKDF) has also published its statistics covering the days women “stayed at home”.

Based on this report, physical violence increased by 80 percent, psychological violence increased by 93 percent, and shelter demand increased by 78 percent during the epidemic days. While crime reporting rate (by the neighbors) increased by 100 percent, violence cases unable to get legal aid increased by 96 percent. It is said that these are the numbers that have never witnessed before in Turkey so signal a grave picture.

In this period, there was not a single report of domestic sexual abuse, no crime notification was made in order not to announce the sexual abuse crime outside the household, the newspaper said.

It is reminded that with the new enforcement law, the prisoners of violence were forgiven and sent to their homes, raising the risk of higher figures in violence against women. It was stated that the state ignored violence against women, and in this process, women’s organizations had a lot to do.