Main indicators of Turkish economy compiled by Obervatoire Turquie Contemporaine.

Unemployment rates, well-being, price indexes, growth rates and projections, capacity indexes and many more indicators compiled on a monthly basis:

Based on January 2020 data, significant developments and changes underlined here:

* 2019 performance: A weak growth (0.1%) , double-digit inflation (11.8%) , a giant budget deficit  ($15 billion) and a record  unemployment rate  (13.8%).

* Turkish lira, natural gas and Argentinian peso  were  the three ”instruments”  that lost  the most in 2019 ( Neue Züricher Zeitung).

* Giant growth projects are in progress:  $27 billion extra payment  for the Akkuyu  nuclear power plant in 15 years. The Istanbul channel  will cost $12.5 billion  and a new Turkish car project, $6 billion. In the period of 2014-9, ENR registers a total of $54 billion for construction projects. 25% of the tenders were awarded to 3 companies  close to the government.