Archives of the GREC (Groupe d’Essais et de Recherches Cinématographique/CNC)

Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration – Palais de la Porte Dorée

October 23, 2019, Wednesday at 7pm-9pm

The GREC is an extension of the CNC (Centre national du cinéma français) which finances first films, generally documentaries. In honor of Le CREC’s 50th anniversary, the Museum of Immigration History organizes a short movie night and presents rare documents that shed light about immigrant workers and their children from the 1970s to the 1990s. The program is organized in partnership with the Groupe d’Essais et de Recherches Cinématographique (GREC) and the CNC Film Heritage Branch.


My village, a village among many others (Mon village, un village parmi tant d’autres) by Taieb Louhichi (1972 – 20 min. B/W) A village of immigrants; where emigration motivates and conditions all daily life.

And Sundays? (Et les dimanches ?) by Nora Seni (1976 – 26 min. B/W) It’s Sunday in a provincial town in France. Ismail, a Turkish immigrant worker, walks the streets… People disappear slowly from the streets, cafes and shops close one after another… He is alone as an immigrant without his family. Meanwhile, in Turkey, young workers are waiting for the time to go abroad like Ismail.

Alone with an open microphone (Solitaire à micro ouvert) by Julius Amédée (1984 – 18 min. Color). In Paris, a young West Indian become a victim of a racist murder. His brother, who is mad with despair, armed with a pistol, enters the premises of a free Antillean radio station in Paris and takes the whole team hostage. All night he talks to the Caribbean community to tell them their shortcomings, their weaknesses, their lack of solidarity. In the morning, he will be taken away by the police.

Everything must disappear (Tout doit disparaître) by Jean-Marc Moutout (1996 -14 min. Color). In Paris, temporary workers are waiting for a possible daily job. Among them, two novices: a Frenchman, Jean-Pierre, and a Cameroonian, Théo. They find themselves in the suburbs to work.