Speaking to BIANET, a daily online Turkish newspaper, about the suspicious death of Nadira Kadirova, Müjde Tozbey-Erden, the lawyer of Kadirova family, has stated that all necessary actions should be taken as soon as possible so that justice could be served.

By Evrim Kepenek

Chair of Children and Women First Association Müjde Tozbey-Erden, the lawyer of the family of Nadira Kadirova, who has suspiciously lost her life, has spoken to bianet. Indicating that they will follow the investigation and the ensuing judicial process to the end, Tozbey-Erden has underlined that they will continue struggling so that the truth can be revealed.

Nadira Kadirova was a 23-year-old migrant worker. She was dreaming of going to university in Turkey. She suspiciously committed suicide at the house where she worked as a domestic worker. That house belongs to ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) MP Şirin Ünal. The deceased body of Kadirova was put to rest in Uzbekistan.

After Kadirova lost her life in a suspicious manner, hundreds of social media users asked, “What happened to Nadira?”. The suspicious suicide of Kadirova has become a matter of public debate.

‘Her death has absolute suspicions’

Chair of Children and Women First Association, Müjde Tozbey-Erden, the lawyer of Kadirova family has spoken to bianet and reiterated that the suicide of Kadirova has absolute suspicions.

The lawyer has indicated that the prosecutor’s office does not do several examinations that it is supposed to perform to reveal the truth.

“Normally, when a woman is killed, based on forensic medicine reports, the prosecutor’s office announces whether it is a suicide or not. That the suicide of Kadirova was announced by the Security Directorate arouses suspicions in the first place”, Tozbey has stated and continued as follows:

“The way Nadira committed suicide, that she told one of her friends that she was ‘sexually assaulted’ one night before her death, that Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office had the postmortem and Forensic Medicine reports taken quickly and sent Nadira’s dead body to her country, that bureaucratic procedures were completed in two days, that there are statements that she committed suicide make the death of Nadira suspicious.

‘Police wanted Nadira’s big brother to withdraw his complaint’

“In fact, in the investigation launched into Nadira’s death, if all evidence had been collected and the necessary examination had been made – that is, if the law had been operated – it would be enough.

“The fact that below-mentioned evidence examinations were not made also shows that MP Şirin Ünal is protected.

“The gunshot residue samples should be taken from the hands and clothes of the ones who live in the house, including Nadira; the deposition of everyone who lives in the house, including domestic workers, should be taken; the other Uzbek woman working at the same house with her should be given a guarantee of protection and her deposition should be taken as a witness; the deceased body of Nadira should be examined for any remnants of sperm or DNA etc. in order to find out whether she was ‘sexually assaulted’ or not; an action should be taken against the police officers who tried to persuade Nadira’s friends and big brother to withdraw their complaints and witness statements by saying ‘you accuse them wrongly’.”

‘Prostitution does not concern anyone’

“In fact, while the prosecutor’s office was conducting the investigation, witnesses were asked whether Nadira was prostituting instead of making the above-mentioned examinations”, Tozbey has indicated and added:

“If Nadira was prostituting, it does not concern anyone. Prostitution cannot have anything to do with the killing of Nadira or the sexual assault that she was subjected to. And it does not give anybody the right to do so.

“Moreover, Nadira asked her friend in tears that ‘how she would look at the face of her big brother’, which is an important evidence for sexaul assault and that she is not used to sexual relationships.

“Asking whether Nadira was prostituting or not is an attempt to smear the investigation process for Nadira.

“What they try to do is to change the course of the investigation and prove themselves right. But, Nadira cannot be slandered. We will not Nadira be smeared. We think that there is an attempt to cover up this suspicious death. What has been done till today makes us think that”.

Source: Bianet