Özgür Sevgi Göral, Hafıza Merkezi Publications, 2019.

This work is a humble attempt to underscore the importance of the phenomenon of enforced disappearance, illustrate its various manifestations, reveal its diverse forms of occurrence in different geographical contexts, and highlight its ongoing consequences. In other words, this work aims to recall the gravity of enforced disappearance with all its complexities in a world where this phenomenon has to some extent been forgotten due to other crucial and immediate human rights concerns and grave human rights violations. Enforced disappearance, as a particular and concrete use of sovereignty by different modern states that encounter different forms of sovereignty crises, is continuing to be implemented with different patterns in different contexts. In the contexts where it is no longer practiced, the consequences of this phenomenon, as you may see in the following chapters of this book, still remain very much intact. In this work, I focused on the forcibly disappeared persons of the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus, including 9 cases, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Cyprus and Algeria.

Link: https://www.academia.edu/38539442/Any_Hopes_for_Truth_A_Comparative_Analysis_of_Enforced_Disappearances_and_the_Missing_in_the_Middle_East_North_Africa_and_the_Caucasus